Originally from Montreal, Annik quickly realised that her passion was spending time in the woodlands. This love of the great outdoors would soon guide many of her life’s choices.

At a young age, she had the privilege to go to several camps. The one that forged her love of canoeing was Camp Minogami. As the years passed, the ‘call of the wild’ adventures continued, the long term expeditions multiplied, and her career as a camp counsellor progressed. These years allowed her to infuse those around her with her passion for the outdoors.

Annik loves adventure, challenges, and most of all, exploring new territories! She tests her limits and pushes her comfort zones, giving herself new challenges to surpass her own expectations. These challenges help to forge new formative and growing relationships in many areas of her life.

As graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Resources, she lives her passion. As a part-time assistant teacher in high school, the outdoor education program allows her to teach the upcoming generation to respect and to benefit from nature. Her full-time work for a company that offers educational linguistic excursions for Canadian and American students, allows her two principal interests to complement one another: education and the outdoors. Additional employment opportunities have also led her to guide European groups on hiking and canoeing excursions in Quebec and Labrador regions, and cultural trips across Quebec and Ontario.

Additional unique expeditions have added more in-depth knowledge of the outdoor experience. She spent a year traveling aboard a tall ship on the Pacific Ocean. She also participated in numerous expeditions of more than 25 days. In 2011, she was part of a group of explorers sent to seek out new trip opportunities trekking and canoeing, in the Otish Mountains and Temiscamie river, situated in some of the least explored territories of northern Quebec. Since 2013, she has returned to her first love, as a guide at Camp Minogami, on the Broadback river in the James Bay region. The Broadback and numerous other rivers such as the Bazin, the Vermillion, the Mattawin, the Ashuapmushuan and the Ashuanipi, have all shown her their magnificent beauty. But, without a doubt, the one elusive trip that has put a twinkle in her eye for a number of years is to paddle across Canada. This dream is about to happen with the excursion along The Golden Blue Trail!

She has her level 3 white-water paddler certificate, a white-water safety course, as well as numerous first aid courses, first responder and CPR. During the winter, she is a certified ski instructor and ski patrol, and trains others in mountain safety protocols. Safety is always on the forefront of any trip she undertakes.

Annik knows the importance that life-changing expeditions have on people. This is a privilege given to her today. Essentially, it’s the unique possibility to allow all one’s senses to live such an intoxicating moment!

Never stop dreaming…

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  1. cheryl
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    Privaledge to have met Annik and the rest of the team during their stay with us at Pointe Dec Cheney campground. Stay safe our new friends.

    1. cheryl
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      Pointe Des Chenes love auto correct NOT LOL

  2. Nadine
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    This trip is amazing, all of you are amazing!
    Be careful, know when to exit! There are many more rivers to run.

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