Through this expedition, we need volunteers who will be willing to work in order to help us keep in touch with civilization despite the distance isolating us. These volunteers will help us with keeping our Facebook page and web site active. They will insure to provide you with pictures and trip details. They will also organise our supplies and follow us via our safety devices. Finally, they will be our eyes and ears as well as our pimary supporters during this wild adventure. Without them, our trek would be impossible. We will introduce them and will highlight their contribution through the following months. We thank them from the bottom of our heart.

2014-09-07 : This week, we thank ABM graphiste for the original logo she designed for our expedition. We are greatfull for her implication and for the time spent on creating a logo to the image of our expedition. We would like to encourage you to visit her official page to view her various projects. Again, thank you ABM graphiste.


2015-01-10 : This week, we present Mathieu Veillette, Anthony Coveney and François Drouin. We would like to thank them wholeheartedly for their precious collaboration in the production of numerous videos for us. Their creativity and professionalism in cinematographic productions make them two precious allies in our support team. Consult their Facebook page, Les Gros Bonnets, and see their projects.

Les Gros Bonnets

2015-01-16 : The members of the Blue Gold Paths are proud to announce they will be ambassadors for Happy Yak. It is with pride and joy that they will represent a company with which they share values and opinions. Happy Yak will allow the adventurers to benefit from adapted and delicious freeze-dried meals.

Happy Yak

2015-04-14 : On the 6th and 13th of April 2015, the team of the Blue Gold Paths had the opportunity to participate in a professional photo shoot at Studio A-317. We thank Guillaume Larose, photographer, for his professionalism, his creativity and his ability to make us feel comfortable on camera. We will see him again at our arrival in Inuvik.


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