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If you want to send letters to the adventurous canoers, here is the way to do so. Someone will make sure that the letters will be delivered to the different re-supply locations. Les chemins de l’or bleu : 945 Avenue des Braves, Québec, QC, G1S 3C7

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  1. jeff slumkoski
    jeff slumkoski at · Reply

    I was informed by Pat at Bruce Bay Cottages that you had come by and now I am following your trip. I am also starting a trip this year but it is the opposite direction from Sault Ste Marie to Ottawa. We will be passing by Bruce Bay in the third day. Our group is made up of 50+ year olds so an adventure like yours is out of the question for us. What you are undertaking is a trip of a lifetime. Not only are you going for a long paddle but much of it is against the current and the prevailing winds. At least your trip will end with the current so that will be a nice feeling I am sure. Ever since I read Paddle to the Amazon I have been imagining a trip like this. Take best of care my fellow paddlers. I wish you all the happiness and security possible.

  2. Fred DuFresne
    Fred DuFresne at · Reply

    This is awesome. I started following you after you went through Sault Ste. Marie. Hope you continue to do well on the big lake Superior. Keep in mind it turns ugly within 20 minutes. Have a safe trip. I look forward to following your trip on your live map.

  3. Mike Bartz
    Mike Bartz at · Reply

    Congratulations! An incredible journey. Thank you for stopping at Gunflint. Please keep in touch.

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