TrajetThe journey of our six brave travellers begins northwest of the island of Montreal on Lake of Two Mountains that will take them to the Ottawa River on which they will paddle 150 kilometers up to Ottawa. Then, 325 km further, they will reach the Mattawa River. From there, they will get to Nipissing Lake at North Bay, just before starting the descent of the French River, which is 110 km long. They will have to be on their guard and be wary of the venum of the Massassauga rattlesnake.

The six adventurers will then explore, over 300 km, the  Georgian Bay and Lake Huron up to Sault Ste-Marie. They will have the chance to contemplate the immensity and beauty of Lake Superior over a distance of nearly 900 km. From that point on, they will start navigating the boundary waters strewed with lakes and rivers linked by over 40 portages, with the longest being the « Grand Portage », that goes on for 13 kilometers. This rough portage will allow them to avoid the infamous upstream rise of the Pigeon River. Let us mention that this waterway is infested with ticks.

From Lake of the Woods the 6 nomads will navigate over about 400 kilometers and will bring their canoes up to Lake Winnipeg. The 425 kilometers on Lake Winnipeg will not be a walk in the park. Indeed, they will be facing harsh winds and waves. Cedar Lake and the Saskatchewan River will guide them to the Churchill system.

Going upstream the Churchill system, which is about 900 kilometers, will requiere a sustained physical effort in order to cross its 54 portages. 19 kilometers long, the Methye portage will be the piece of resistance of this section. The Churchill is a natural heritage and is populated with lots of American Indian communities.

Our travelers will then have the opportunity to paddle downstream on the Clearwater River down to Fort McMurray. They will navigate over 1100 kilometers on Arthabaska River and Slave River until they reach the Great Slave Lake.

This odyssey will end on the Mackenzie river (1600 kilometers) where the bank are inhabited grizzlis and packs of wolves. Their backpacks filled with stories, images and memories, they will leave Inuvik and fly over a part of the trail on which they travel for 6 months. They will most certainly need a period of time to acclimate to their return to society. Let us bet that massages will be a very welcome source of reassurance.

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