Originary from Montreal South Shore, Pénélope is an ambitious one-of-a-kind and passionate beleiver about everything around her. Motivation number one : reaching out her comfort zone and go over the edge. She’s always looking forward to new projects wich will improove her love for nature and whitewater. Getting on long therm expeditions is for Pénélope a way to keep learning about herself.

Since 1999, Pénélope is quickly exposed to canoe camping. It is by working and enjoying Minogami summer camp in Shawinigan that she found her way throught exploring Quebec’s lakes and rivers. In fact, after falling in love with sailing, Pénélope joined her first long term expedition : 24 days on the Bazin river. From there, she never stopped thinking about new adventures and challenges even bigger and harder. With these thoughts, Pénélope engaged herslef in 2012 on a life-changing expedition on the Broadback river. Definitely, these 34 exceptional days on this river changed her life. Allready a student in architecture, Pénélope gave up everything to follow her dream and entered the Cegep Saint-Laurent program of Guide en Tourisme d’Aventure in 2013. A choice that she’ll never regret.

By living this full-filling program, Pénélope enforced her personality and her dreams. Off course, she hardly learned from her mistakes and on herself. Then, she discovered the pleasure of practicing all kind of outdoor activities, but still feeding her passion for paddling. Pénélope finished the season with the burning desire to vanish on the most beautiful rivers of the world. With this new personal experience, she started dreaming about paddling the entire Quebec from North to South. It is only few months later that Pénélope met some extraordinary people with a crazy project : crossing Canada in canoe. She then took this one-life-chance and became a part of the team On the blue gold paths, a unique adventure.

Being a member of this team is for Pénélope a way to learn even more about herself and her limits. It is the ultimate test of concretely discovering where her mental, physic and professional strengths can bring her. On the blue gold paths is a huge challenge that pushes her to free her spirit and to learn from exceptional people. All along this amazing adventure, Pénélope will be looking up, down, back and in front of her, keeping every single moments in her mind as the most epic accomplishment of her life time. She’ll finally know the deep sens of life, with all its simple complexities.

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