The Expedition

The historical adventure of «Les chemins de l’or bleu – The blue gold paths », a canoe and camping experience, is taking six pilgrims across Canada’s waters to pursue their dream of discovery, through lakes and rivers. This year’s expedition starts April 25th 2015 in the icy waters of Lake of Two Mountains in Montreal and will conclude itself 7000 kilometers away from its beginning journey on October 20th 2015 along the coast of Mackenzie River in Inuvik. This incredible six months journey will entitle the participants to engage in a close relationship with nature and will retrace the legendary explorations of many historical voyagers such as as Pierre Gaultier de la Vérendrye, Peter Pond, Alexander Mackenzie as well as follow the traces of Canada’s First Nations.

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  1. N. Nash
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    I’ll donate Spanish champagne, je vais vous donner de la champagne d’España, to smack across the bows of the canoes au début ….
    pour craquer l’arc de canoe!

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